Web Consulting Services

Today’s Web strategies and principles have dramatically changed from the days of simple “Yellow Pages” or brochure marketing websites. To turbo-charge your business, your Web strategy has to leverage every facet of online marketing and sales doctrine to position your business ahead of the competition.

The difference is more than just a fancy website or a social media presence. Like any other recipe, the magic sauce requires understanding the science of ingredients and how they work together so they can be optimized to provide the advantage you seek.

Talksure International helps companies large and small improve their Web presence, whether that means refining an existing site or building a new one from scratch. We help you plan, build and promote your business on the Web and provide continuing consulting and operational support to help you make your business an Internet success.


Talksure International is a full-service Web company with a multidisciplinary approach to helping you build, maintain, promote and grow your Web presence. Our Web services include consulting, strategy, project management, information architecture, development, design, publishing, content management systems (CMS), social media and engagement, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and analytics.

From our origins in print design, quality assurance, and user experience interaction testing and development, we grew our experience in step with one of the Leading internet companies of its time, Sun Microsystems, later purchased by Oracle. The changing digital landscape next brought experience with blogs, social media, and rich media like video and interactive infographics.


Do you need help building or maintaining websites that support responsive design for mobile and tablet experiences? Or maybe you want to use analytics to measure the effectiveness of your search engine optimization tactics or social media properties. Whatever it is, we can help. And we’ll do it strategically.

 We have a simple, yet effective process;

  1. Learn about your vision and requirements
  2. Define how we will help you reach your goals
  3. Plan, develop, build and manage the work required to reach your objectives